CT Member App is designed and developed by Creation Team. It is for Hire car and Limousine companies to better manage large corporate, enterprise and government businesses. The App is for CT Members to manage their jobs efficiently in the group and also helps them to be online 24/7 for their merchants.

Offload bookings

If you are double booked then you can always use our feature to offload one of your booking. Once you have offloaded a booking you can manage and track the booking on the app.

Track Jobs

With the app you can manage your and offloaded  jobs. You can accept new booking online. Reject a booking if you are too busy. If you have accepted multiple bookings then just offload the booking to someone else.


If you are looking for a job then you can online bid for one. If you wish to offload / manage a job then you can opt to use our bidding system. Why not get registered for the biding system now.

Job Reminders

This app is all in one shop. Once the job is accepted, it will remind you when you are closer to the job. You can also send and receive messages to and from other memebers within the app.


System will generate reports regularly and you will receive reports if you have opted to receive the reports. You can also receive reports on demand. Reports are also generated for NSW Ministry of Transport

Financial Settlement

Process credit card payment for your jobs. Finacially settle accounts between two providers if you have offloaded or managed other jobs. Its simple to settle your money while you are online in the app.

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