Manage Customers

CT Merchant App is designed and developed by Creation Team. It is platform for limousines /Hire cars and Premium Cabs which enables merchant to manage the customers & bookings. CTMerchant is interconnect to CTMember app which seamlessly enables to offload the jobs nationwide. CTMerchant is perfect tool for P2P booking management system and for reporting and keeping record.

Manage Jobs

With the app you can manage the jobs. You can accept new booking online. Reject a booking if you are too busy. If you have accepted multiple bookings then just offload the booking to someone else.

Offload bookings

Merchants generally manage multiple businesses and get bookings Australia wide. Merchants now can concentrate on just getting the bookings and offload the bookings to the operators via Memebers app.

Generate Invoice

This app is all in one shop. Once the job is accepted, you can generate invoice for the customers. You can also exchange money between the merchants and operators for offloaded jobs.

Customers List

Merchants can manage customers list online within the app. This helps merchants contacting customers and generating invoice for the customer. You can also generate custom reports based on the customer list.

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